Who we are

AIRPAS Ltd. is a technology and innovation leader specializing in HR service in civil aviation, IT solution, Defense equipment and Trading. Founded in 2016, AIRPAS provides fine quality services on every aspects.  AIRPAS is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.



The tone for our mission of customer success is set by Kazuya Okamoto and his team of driven, talented executives.   Some of our executives are enlisted as Army Reserve in JGSDF, witch enhances business capability and leadership.

Kazuya Okamoto
-President, AIRPAS
-SFC, JGSDF Reserve

Corporate party at Haneda Airport

Reserve conference at Camp Zama

Corporate Profile

Our Business

  • HR Consultation (RPO / Career Development)

  • Flight Attendant Training

  • Product development for D.O.D.

  • Import & Export

  • IT Solution (WEB development)



2-11-13, Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Capital stock

4,000,000 JPY

Operation members 

​62 as of Aug 2018  *includes flight attendant trainers.

Establishment date

1st April 2016

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